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The Victimizing of Inventors

The Lick Observatory Expedition to Observe the Total Solar Eclipse of August, 1896, in Japan

By Edward S. Holden

The Manufacture of Paper

A New Car Brake

Improved Horizontal Tapping Machine

A New Lawn Sprinkler

A Watchman's Time Recorder

The Robinson Corn and Feed Mill

An Improved Dumb Waiter

A Dynamograph

Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power Plant

Press for Making Steel Bicycle Rims

Train Telephony

The Thermophone

The Frilled Lizard--Chlamydosaurus Kingi

The New X Ray "Focus" Tube

The Edison X Ray Experiments, Apparatus and Fluoroscope


  • Letters

    Correspondence - April 4, 1896

  • Recommended

    New Books and Publications - April 4, 1896

  • Departments

    Recently Patented Inventions - April 4, 1896

  • Business and Personal - April 4, 1896

  • Notes and Queries - April 4, 1896

  • Index of Inventions - April 4, 1896

  • Patents - April 4, 1896

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