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The Report of the Merchants' Association on the New York Water Supply

Spectrum of Radium


Galvanic Action of Copper Sheathing

The Mastery of the Ocean

Paris Exposition Awards

Operation of Welsbach Burners

Experiments on Amalgams

A Cactus in the Botanical Garden at Berlin

The Langen Mono-Rail Road at the Paris Exposition

A Novel Grooving-Saw and Dado-Head

A Cotton Per Cent Scale

The Use of Flexible Bridles on Kites

Some Metallurgical Exhibits at the Paris Exposition

Manufacture of Illuminating Gas

Aleuts of the Alaska Peninsula

The Langston Mooring Device

A Unique Pigeon Postal Service

Chicago Automobile Exhibition and Race Meet

By Arthur T. Kellogg

The Tri-State Fair Automobile Races


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    Business and Personal - October 6, 1900

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  • New Books, Etc. - October 6, 1900

  • Notes and Queries - October 6, 1900

  • Patents - October 6, 1900

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October 06, 1900

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