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Peace and a Powerful Navy

Warship Construction at the Government Navy Yards

Our Naval Development Since the War with Spain

"Revolutionizing" Naval Warfare


Battleships Kearsarge and Kentucky

"Alabama" Class—First-Class Battleship "Wisconsin"

"Virginia" Class—First-Class Battleship "Georgia"

"Maine" Class—First-Class Battleship "Maine"

Engines of the Battleship "Wisconsin"


Arkansas Class--the Monitor Arkansas

Guns and Armor

Latest Types of Naval Guns

Gun-Mounts and Breech Mechanisms

Armor Plate and High-Explosive Shells

Protected Cruisers

The Sheathed Semi-Protected Cruisers of the Denver Class

The Semi-Armored Cruisers of the "St. Louis" Class

Submarine Torpedo Boats

The Holland Submarine Torpedo Boat Class

Torpedo-Boats and Destroyers

Torpedo-Boat Farragut

Torpedo-Boat Destroyer "Perry"

Our Relative Standing Among the Naval Powers

Business and Personal Wants


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    Index of Inventions - December 14, 1901

  • Recently Patented Inventions - December 14, 1901

  • Notes and Queries - December 14, 1901

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