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Electric Glass Smelting

A Point in Boiler Construction

Ventilation of Underground Roads

Our Fastest Battleship

The Emerald Industry of Colombia

West Point Methods for Sandhurst

Where Wood Engraving Originated

The Supplanting of Agriculture by Chemistry

Another Great Hydraulic Electric Power Plant

New Ten-Wheeled Passenger Engine

A New System of Sinking Shafts

Hydraulic Process for Manufacturing Gun-Cotton Charges

Schneider-Canet Launching Apparatus for Submarine Torpedoes

The New York Edison Power Station

Shade-Grown Tobacco

By Waldon Fawcett

Remarkable Blasting Operations in Slate Quarries

The New Russian Battleship "Kniaz Potemkin Tavritchesky"

Largest Watch in the World

A New Saw-Clamp

Oddities in Inventions

Business and Personal Wants


  • Departments

    The Heavens in September, 1902

  • Correspondence - September 6, 1902

  • Legal Notes - September 6, 1902

  • Recently Patented Inventions - September 6, 1902

  • Index of Inventions - September 6, 1902

  • Patents - September 6, 1902

  • New Books Etc. - September 6, 1902

  • Notes and Queries - September 6, 1902

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