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Shall We Have Double-Decked Streets ?

Does it Pay to Reconstruct Battleships ?

Collapse of the Great Salt Lake Railroad Trestle

The Extermination of the Mosquito on Long Island

&ldquoEgyptianized&rdquo Clay

Sir William Crookes on Radium

Past, Present, and Future of the Chicago, Aurora, and Elgin Railway

Powerful Railroad Wrecking Cranes

Modern Development of the Steam Turbine

By Frank C. Perkins

Launch of the Reliance

Shamrock III. Under Sail

Siloxicon--A Refractory Furnace Lining

By Orrin E. Dunlap

The Telegraphone and the British Post Office

By Herbert C. Fyfe

The Korean Twins

Sideboard-Rod Fastening

Mixing Valve for Explosion-Engines

Fuse Plug

Car Replacer

Transferable Job Bank

Business and Personal Wants

Read This Column carefully,-You will find inquiries for certain classes of articles numbered in consecutive order. If you manufacture these goods write us once and we will send you the name address of the party desiring the information. In every case it is necessary to give the number of the inquiry


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    Science Notes - April 25, 1903

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  • Notes and Queries - April 25, 1903

  • Index of Inventions - April 25, 1903

  • New Books, Etc. - April 25, 1903

  • Patents - April 25, 1903

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April 25, 1903

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