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Another Great Hydraulic-Electric Power Plant

The Last of a Famous Liner

Is Yacht Designing an Exact Science?

Limits of Electric Traction with Direct Current

More Information about the Prize for a Dust-Arresting Respirator

The Agreement between the British Government and the Cunard and Morgan Combine Mercantile Fleets

By Our London Correspondent

Electro-Telethermometer of Juan Vila Forns

A Novel Measuring Machine

By A. Gradenwitz

English Artillery Trophies at Mont St. Michel

Photography in Colors--The Three Color Method

By A. Bosch

Spier Falls Dam and Power Plant

By Walter H. Main

Electricity as an Aid to Agriculture--A Description of Two Model Electrical Farms

By Emile Guarini


By Randolph I. Geare


By L. Lodian

Elephant Rock and Other Bowlders

By Charles Alma Byers

Business and Personal Wants


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    Science Notes - September 12, 1903

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  • Notes and Queries - September 12, 1903

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