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Elevated and Trolley Tracks on the New Bridges

Life is Longer under Modern Conditions

Merchants' Association on City Transit

Torpedo Experiments with the "Belleisle" by the British Admiralty

Steam Turbine for Ocean Liners

Eucalypts and the World's Fuel

By V. E. Cline

The Berliner Aeroplane

A Novel Spiral Bridge

Revolving Lanterns for Lighthouses

The Bessemer Copper Process

The Latest Method of Copper Converting, According to Paul David

The Hyposcope

Communication with Trains by Wireless Telegraphy

Piedras Negras, a Newly Discovered Prehistoric City in Guatemala

By Charles C. Willoughby

Callitypy--A New Way of Using the Typewriter

By Jacob Backes

A Trick with the Telephone

Fastening Device for Vent Pipes

Combined Carpet Stretcher and Tacker

Improved Rail Joint

Oddities in Invention

Business and Personal Wants


  • Departments

    Science Notes - September 26, 1903

  • Correspondence - September 26, 1903

  • Legal Notes - September 26, 1903

  • Recently Patented Intentions - September 26, 1903

  • Notes and Queries - September 26, 1903

  • Index of Inventions - September 26, 1903

  • New Books, Etc. - September 26, 1903

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