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Prehistoric Drawings of Animals, Etc., in the Cave of Altamira, Spain

A Transatlantic Clipper Service

Wind Resistance in High-Speed Train Service

Home Mechanics for Amateurs

The Ganz System of Electric Canal Haulage

The Current Supplement

A Machine for Facilitating the Analysis of Curves Representing Periodic Phenomena

By R. A. Harris

Another "Largest Locomotive"

Termination of the New York-Pittsburg Automobile Endurance Test

Harlem River Tunnel of the Rapid Transit Subway

Baltimore's System of Garbage Disposal

By Day Allen Willey

The Torpedo-Boat Destroyer "Perry"

Sun Spots

The Long-Distance Record Run of an American Electric Automobile

Oddities in Invention

A New Type of Hollow Grate-Bar

Business and Personal Wants


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    Science Notes - October 31, 1903

  • Legal Notes - October 31, 1903

  • Recently Patented Inventions - October 31, 1903

  • Notes and Queries - October 31, 1903

  • New Books, Etc. - October 31, 1903

  • Index of Inventions - October 31, 1903

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October 31, 1903