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A Convention on Mosquito Extermination

Some Early Subcribers Heard from

Brunel and the “Great Eastern”

Proposed New Patent Office Building at Washington

Distribution of the Nobel Prizes

Eiffel Tower to Be Dismantled

To Our Subscribers

An English Test of the Edison Battery

Final World's Fair Dividend

The Current Supplement

The Berlin Printing-Telegraph Central Station

By Alfred Gradenwitz

A Pneumatic Rail Unloader

The First British Steam Railway to Adopt Electrical Working

By our London Correspondent

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, F. R. S

By The English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Improved Cream Separator

The Lake Submarine Torpedo Boat "Protector"

The Latest Form of Looping the Loop

A Successful Experiment with a Motor-drlven Aeroplane

Pewter Ware

By Randolph I. Geare

Business and Personal Wants

Read This Column Carefully-You will find inquiries for certain classes of' article slumbered in consecutive order. If you manufacture these oodswritp us at once and we will send you the name and wardress of the party desiring them formation...


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    Correspondence - December 26, 1903

  • New Books, Etc. - December 26, 1903

  • Recently Patented Inventions - December 26, 1903

  • Notes and Queries - December 26, 1903

  • Index of Inventions - December 26, 1903

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