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Edison and the Patent Office

Wood Alcohol for Industrial Purposes

Wind-Driven Generators for Farming

Cameos and Their History

M. Curie's Work on Radium Emanations from Mineral Springs

The International Automobile Race

Non Skidding Tires and Protective Bands for Use on the Wheels of Automobiles

Successful Italian Express Compound Locomotive

By Charles R. King

The Autoplastic Photographic Process of Producing Sculptural Portraits

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Looping the Double Loop

The Transformation of the Grand Canyon into a National Park

By C. M. Ginther

Modeling Animals in Clay the Passing of Taxidermy

By Walter L. Beasley

The Second Motor-Boat Race

The Boston Automobile Race

Improved Buckle

Shingle Gage

Patent Department

Loose Pulley Oiler

Railway Tie and Fastening

Cigarette Box with Match Receptacle

Improved Support for Bicycle Handle Bars

Dredge Attachment

Automatic Electric Fire Alarm

Business and Personal Wants


  • Departments

    Index of Inventions - June 25, 1904

  • Notes and Queries - June 25, 1904

  • Recently Patented Inventions - June 25, 1904

  • Patents - June 25, 1904

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June 25, 1904

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