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Automobile Road Racing

Scientific Disposition of Sewage

By Charles F. Holder

A Life-Saving Museum

By George E. Walsh

The Scientific American Reference Book

Train Wrecked by Collision with Dynamite

By W. L. Radcliffe

Testing Machines at the Boston Institute of Technology

By Day Allen Willey

The Fery Pyrometric Telescope

A Novel Interrupter for Induction Coils

By our Berlin correspondent

A New English Telephonic Fire Alarm

By Frank C. Perkins

First Competition for the Vanderbilt International Automobile Cup

Some Recent Launchings in the United States Navy

A Peculiar Lily

By Herbert I. Priestley

An Animal New to Science at the New York Zoological Park

Business and Personal Wants

Read this Column Carefully—You will find inquiries for certain classes of articles numbered in consecutive order. If you manufacture these goods write us at once and we will send you the name and address of the party desiring the information...


  • Departments

    Correspondence - October 22, 1904

  • Notes and Queries - October 22, 1904

  • Recently Patented Inventions - October 22, 1904

  • Index of Inventions - October 22, 1904

  • New Books, Etc. - October 22, 1904

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