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A United States Warship on Trial

Gas Turbines

Power of Ocean Waves

Production and Population

Subway Results

Electric Traction for Trunk Roads

A Locomotive in Service Sixty Years

By Herbert T. Walker

A Tilting Lock-Chamber

The Registration of Meteorological Phenomena in Lapland

By Emile Guarini

New form of Liquid Rheostat for Starting Electric Motors

By Our Belgian Correspondent

An Interesting Relic

Henri Becquerel

By Daniel Bellet

The California Redwood in Modern Engineering

By H. A. Crafts

Comet 1904 A

The Ancient Races of Yucatan and Mexico.--II

By Randolph I. Geare

Wax Farming in China--A Strange Industry

By Walter L. Beasley

Business and Personal Wants

Read this column carefully.—You will find inquiries for certain classes of articles numbered in consecutive order. If you manufacture these goods write us at once and we will send you the name and address of the party desiring the information in every case it is necessary to give the number of the inquiry Munn & CO...


  • Departments

    The Heavens in December - December 3, 1904

  • Correspondence - December 3, 1904

  • Index of Inventions - December 3, 1904

  • Recently Patented Inventions - December 3, 1904

  • Notes and Queries - December 3, 1904

  • Patents - December 3, 1904

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