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Can the Port Arthur Fleet be Raised?

Our Exports

World's Automobile Records in Florida

Gas-Driven Locomotives and Ships?

Passage of the Trade-Mark Law by the House of Representatives

Eclipse Expedition from Kirkwood Observatory, Bloomington, Ind

Foaming of the Water in a Steam Boiler and Its Effect

By Charles H. Haswell

A Novel Type of Hay Stacker

By Alfred Gradenwitz

A Seedless, Coreless, Bloomless Apple

By A. Frederick Collins

The New Concrete Chapel of the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis

By Day Allen Willey

The Turret and Barbette of a Battleship

Opening of the Niagara Canadian Power Company's Plant—I

The Annual Automobile Race Meet at Ormond, Florida

New System of Egg Transportation

By George J. Jones

Hopkins "Band Electro-Chronograph," Capable of Dividing a Second of Time Into One Hundred Thousand and One Million Parts

Vehicle Attachment for Keeping Record of Driver's Work

An Automatic Door Alarm

An Improved Fire Escape

Oil Can with means for Controlling Delivery of Oil

Business and Personal Wants


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    Correspondence - February 4, 1905

  • Recently Patented Inventions - February 4, 1905

  • Index of Inventions - February 4, 1905

  • New Books, Etc. - February 4, 1905

  • Notes and Queries - February 4, 1905

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