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Future Water Supply of New York City

Turbines for Tramp Steamers

Three Months of Railroad Slaughter

Explosion of a Submarine

The Moore-Heskett Direct Process for the Manufacture of Wrought Iron and Steel

The Heaton Airship Failure

By Enos Brown

The Current Supplement

The Charcot Antarctic Expedition

How to Make a Mercury Thermometer

A Tachometric Watch for Bicycles and Other Vehicles

By Emile Guarini

New 25-Knot British Scouts

A Blast of Dynamite and How It Was Photographed

By Arthur Inkersley

My Scientific Education

By Lord Kelvin

A Huge Electro-Magnet for Optical and Surgical Work

An Easily-Constructed Rotating Anode Equipment for Rapid Electro-Analysis

By N. Monroe Hopkins

Rocky Mountain Avalanches

By Day Allen Willey

Antique Watches of the Famous Marfels Collection

By Charles A. Brassler

The Queerest of Creatures—II

By J. Carter Beard

An Improved Hay Rack

A Simple Car Fender

A New Type of Electric Coupé

A Novel Gravity Railway System

Business and Personal Wants


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February 25, 1905