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Another Turbine Atlantic Liner

Subway Competition and Cheap Fares

“Connecticut”-“Louisiana” Contest

The Vanderbilt Water-Tube Boiler for Locomotives

Our Heritage of the Mechanical Arts--II

By Alex. Del Mar

An Efficient Disk Transmission for Automobiles

The-Virgin Lace (Lace-Bark) of the Tropics

By L. Lodian

New Masonry Drydock at the Boston Navy Yard

The Cooper Hewitt Mercury Vapor Converter

By A. Frederick Collins

How Hydrographic Charts are Made

By Felix Reisenburg, Late of United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Harnessing the Victoria Falls for Electrical Power

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American.

Pompeiian Silver Ware

By the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American.

Novel Method of Logging Small Tracts

By James G. M'curdy

Photographing Leaping Fishes

By Charles F. Holder

Business and Personal Wants

READ THIS COLUMN CAREFULLY.--You will find inquiries for certain classes of articles numbered in consecutive order. If you manufacture these goods write us at once and we will send you the name and address of the party desiring the information...


  • Departments

    The Heavens in May - April 29, 1905

  • Recently Patented Inventions - April 29, 1905

  • Notes and Queries - April 29, 1905

  • Index of Inventions - April 29, 1905

  • Patents - April 29, 1905

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