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Time for Another Principia

Peary and the North Pole

A Poor Start

Burke's Own Account of the Spontaneous Action of Radium on Gelatin Media

The Current Supplement

Opening of Extensions of the New York City Subway

Official Meteorological Summary, New York, N. Y., June, 1905

Tallest Concrete Chimney Ever Constructed

The Navy Wireless School

By Walter L. Beasley

A New Aeroplane

By Israel Ludlow

The Temple of Abu Simbel

The Sixth International Automobile Race for the Bennett Trophy

Some New Automobile Track Records

Peary's Arctic Ship, the Roosevelt

The Whirlpool Illusion

Improved Methods in High-Speed Chrono-Photography

By Alfred Gradenwitz

An Electrically-Operated Gyroscope

A Newly-Discovered Motion

By Edward Durant

A Gas-Saving Device

Patent Department - July 15, 1905

Oddities in Inventions

Business and Personal Wants - July 15, 1905


  • Departments

    Correspondence - July 15, 1905

  • Recently Patented Inventions - July 15, 1905

  • Notes and Queries - July 15, 1905

  • New Books, Etc. - July 15, 1905

  • Index of Inventions - July 15, 1905

  • Patents - July 15, 1905

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July 15, 1905

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism