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Designing the Steam Turbine

The Automobile in 1906

Future of Direct-Current Traction

Increasing Demand for the Mississippi Pearl

By K. L. Smith

Progress with the Electric Automobile

Crossing the Continent by Automobile

A Light Four-Passenger Runabout

A Light and Speedy Runabout

A Motor Equipment for Bicycles

A Four-Cylinder Air-Cooled Runabout

The Frayer-Miller Six-Cylinder Air-Cooled Motor

The Marmon Air-Cooled Touring Car

A Revolving-Cylinder Motor Car

A New Four-Cylinder Air-Cooled Motor and Selective-Type Transmission

The Oldsmobile Two-Cycle and Four-Cycle Touring Cars

The Cadillac Single-Cylinder Light Touring Car

A Detachable Limousine Touring Car

The Peerless 30-Horse-Power Touring Car

High-Powered American Touring Cars

Cleveland 30-Horse-Power Touring Car

A Silent Non-Adjustable Ball Bearing

A Novel 4-Cylinder Touring Car

Danger Signs for Automobilists

Automobile Novelties and Improvements

The Gabriel Horn

Electric Light for Closed Carriages

New Spring Wheels

Wheel Clutch for Use with a Solid Rear Axle

An Improved Universal Joint

A Dashboard Ignition Outfit

The Thomas Safety Ratchet Device

The Franklin Air-Cooled Cars

Automobile Shock-Absorbers

Snow Sculptures

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Electricity in Hospitals

By Emile Guarini

A Clever Mechanical and Electrical Automaton

A New Type of Portable Wireless Telegraph Station

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Business and Personal Wants


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