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A Practical Application of the Aversion of Eels from Light

Cheap Alcohol for Motors

Seven-Hundred-Mile Electric Transmission

The Behring Sea Tunnel

The Chances of Living in a Modern Battle

A New Army Signaling Apparatus

The Modern Philosopher's Stone

An Open Letter to the Mayor

A Combined Long and Short Range Automobile Searchlight

Pennsylvania Railroad's Extension to New York and Long Island--The Long Island City Power Station--I

How Artificial Teeth are Made

By Harry Dillon Jones

Ants and Their Ways

Electric Traction on the Simplon Railway

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Wright Aeroplane and Its Performances

Cabinet for Bread Making

An Exhaust Valve for Locomotives

Business and Personal Wants

READ THIS COLUMN CAREFULLY-- You will find inquiries for certain classes of articles numbered In consecutive order. If you manufacture these goods write us at once and we will send you the name and address of the party' desiring the information...


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