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Automobile Racing and Touring in France and America

Reclamation of Marsh Lands in the South

An Electric Examination of European Mineral Water

A Kerosene-Oil Lamp

Industrial Alcohol: How it is Made and How it is Used

An Advance in Steam Engine Design

An Improved Light-Weight Ignition Storage Battery

A New Adjustable Float-Feed Carbureter for Use with Gasoline or Alcohol

The Enlargement of the Erie Canal

By Day Allen Willey

The New Japanese Battleships Katori and Kishima

By J. B. Van Brussel

New Sources of Gold

By Waldon Fawcett

The Fighting Tribes of Southern Africa

An Improved Valve

An Automatic Depression Recorder for the Scientific Control of Ventilation in Mines

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Business and Personal Wants - July 21, 1906


  • Departments

    Correspondence - July 21, 1906

  • Notes and Queries - July 21, 1906

  • Recently Patented Inventions - July 21, 1906

  • New Books, Etc. - July 21, 1906

  • Index of Inventions - July 21, 1906

  • Patents - July 21, 1906

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