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Cape Cod Canal

The Seventh National Automobile Show at Madison Square Garden

The Pennsylvania and New Haven Connecting Railroad

Some Early American Automobiles

Engine of the Car De Luxe


Engine of the 60-Horse-Power Thomas Car

An Engine with Low-Tension Magneto Ignition

An Automobile Motor with Rotary Valve

The 50-Horse-Power Northern Engine

Friction-Drive Cars

The Holsman Rope-Drive Automobile

A Successful Friction-Drive Automobile


A Transmission with Individual Jaw Clutches

A New Form of Two-Speed Transmission Combined with the Differential

Transmission Gear with Double Clutches

The Haynes Transmission and Roller Bevel Drive

Novel Clutch and Transmission Features of 1907 Cars

The Lozier Protected Drive Chain

A Novel Individual Clutch Transmission

The Pope-Toledo Combined Clutch and Transmission

The Wayne Transmission and Clutch

An Improved Sliding-Gear Transmission

The Dragon Chassis

Typical Brakes on 1907 Cars

The Stoddard-Dayton Chassis

The Grout 35-Horse-Power Chassis

A Novel Combined Sliding-Gear Transmission and Multiple-Disk Clutch


An Improved Type of Live Rear Axle

The Royal Touring Car and Limousine

The Northern Four-Cylinder 50-Horse-Power Car


An Improved Type of Steering Gear


An Instrument for Testing Shock Absorbers

Pneumatic Steel Hub for Automobile Wheels

A Novel Reflector

Food Losses During Cooking

By H. D. Jones

The Smallest Steam Engine on Earth

Photographs with Bas-Relief Effects

By Gustave Michaud, Costa Rica State College

An Ingenious Locking Device

A Simple Type of Automobile Speedometer

Improvements in the White Steam Touring Car

Some Modern Inventions which are Ancient History

By Rene Bache

Some Improvements in Honeycomb Radiators

The Moon Touring Car

The House Recoil Check

The 1907 Peerless Touring Car

The Autocar Combined Engine and Transmission


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January 12, 1907