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Light on the Quebec Bridge Disaster

The Use of the Gyroscope in Connection with Airships

National Swamp Reclamation

Train Ferries for the English Channel

Electric Sunstroke

The New Bridge over the Wissahickon at Philadelphia

By J. A. Stewart

The Transit of Mercury

By S. A. Mitchell

The Peters Self-Registering Electric Target for Rifle Ranges

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Enlargement and Reconstruction of Governor's Island

The Nests and Nurseries of Insects

By Percy Collins

Some Experiments with a Mirror

By Gustav Michaud

Improved Boring Bar

A New Type of Storage Battery

Combined Water Heater, Filter, and Cooler

Patent Department - November 30, 1907

An Improved form of Reinforced Concrete Pipe


  • Letters

    Correspondence - November 30, 1907

  • Departments

    The Heavens in December 1907

  • Recently Patented Inventions - November 30, 1907

  • Index of Inventions - November 30, 1907

  • Patents - November 30, 1907

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