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Vibration in Passenger Ships

Build Gatun Locks for the Future

Enormous Death Roll among the Miners

Proposed Government Forest Preserves

To Our Subscribers

The Foreign Automobile Show in Madison Square Garden

The Current Supplement - December 28, 1907

Anthracite Coal Centennial

Edward Leamington Nichols

By Marcus Benjamin

Safety Suit of Aeronauts

An Instrument for Drawing Ellipses and Hyperbolas

By Harry A. Hannum

The New Henry Dynamometer

By Jacques Boyer

A Chemical Puzzle

By Gustave Michaud

The Oval Billiard Table

The Total Eclipse of the Sun in January, 1908

By Frederic R. Honey

Lord Kelvin

The Manufacture of High Explosives

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Influence of Profession on the Shape of the Hand

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Dr. Branly's Apparatus for Control of Distant Mechanical Effects

By the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

An Automatic Violin Player

By George Gilbert


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    Recently Patented Inventions - December 28, 1907

  • Notes and Queries - December 28, 1907

  • Index of Inventions - December 28, 1907

  • Patents - December 28, 1907

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