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Panama Canal to Cost $300,000,000?

The Pennsylvania Tunnel Excavation Beneath Manhattan Completed

Great Increase in Transatlantic Travel

The Farman Aeroplane Wins the Deutsch-Archdeacon Prize

Pure Hydrogen from Carbides

The Patent Office in 1907

International Investigation of the Upper Air

The Pacific Scientific Institution of Honolulu

The Current Supplement

A Unique Aerial Tramway Used in the Construction of Chicago's Lake Tunnel

A Photographic Method of Producing Bas-Reliefs

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Reuterdahl Attack on Our Navy

Insects That Are Eaten

By Percy Collins

An Improved Bale Tie

An Apparatus for Electrically Transmitting Sight

Device for Pulling Spokes

An Improved Portable Concrete Mixer


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    Correspondence - January 25, 1908

  • Recently Patented Inventions - January 25, 1908

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  • Notes and Queries - January 25, 1908

  • Index of Inventions - January 25, 1908

  • Patents - January 25, 1908

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January 25, 1908

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