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Joining the Blackwell's Island Bridge Cantilevers

A New Explanation of Raised Ocean Beaches

Competition in Submarine Construction

New Transatlantic Records

The Use of the Cinematograph in Medicine

Reinforced Concrete in Shipbuilding

Death of John Burry

The Current Supplement

How to Take Advantage of Variations in Rates of Gas and Electricity

The First Successful Trial of a New American Aeroplane

Water Vapor on Mars

By S. A. Mitchell

The Largest Fresh-Water Dock in the World

By W. Frank M'clure

The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained

By J. Springer

A Unique System of Illumination for Harbor Channels

The Mutual Relations of Geometry and Mechanics and Prof. Reuleaux's Mechanical Movements

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Photographs with Tapestry Effects

By Gustave Michaud

Bell Piano

Combined Chair and Cabinet

Combined Steam and Hot-Water Heating Apparatus

An Improved Railway Spike

Ax Attachment for Sawing Logs

Oddities in Inventions


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    Recently Patented Inventions - March 21, 1908

  • Notes and Queries - March 21, 1908

  • New Books, Etc. - March 21, 1908

  • Index of Inventions - March 21, 1908

  • Patents - March 21, 1908

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