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British and American Railway Accidents

Oil Fuel in the British Navy

Great Economy of Electric Traction on Steam Railroads

East River Bridge Number Five

A Producer-Gas-Driven Automobile

The Latest International Aeronautic Prize

Lime Beton

By J. W. Moultrie

Extermination of Mosquitoes by Cactus Paste

A Physician's Novel Use of an Automobile Acetylene Light

The First Two-Passenger Aeroplane

A Salvage Dock for Submarines

By The Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

The New Refuse Receptacles of Paris.--A Suggestion for American Municipalities

By Jacques Boyer

The Henry Hudson Memorial Bridge

The Recent Work of Luther Burbank

By Riley M. Fletcher Berry

The Use of Balloons for the Prevention of Hail

By The Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

Trachodont, the Duck-Billed Dinosaur.--Skeletons of Prehistoric Reptiles More Than Three Million Years Old

By Barnum Brown


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April 11, 1908

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