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The British Naval Programme for 1908

The Panic and the Railroads

Reinforcement of the Brooklyn Subway Tunnels

Report on the Quebec Bridge Disaster

Urgent Need of Forest Preservation

Improvement of the American Merchant Marine

By William P. Munger

A New Process in Milling

Delagrange's Record Aeroplane Flight

A Simple Apparatus for Generating Hydrogen

By Gustave Michaud

Combined Mutoscope and Talking Machine

Convertible Military Transport Motor Wagon

By Our English Correspondent

The Explorations of the German Orient Society

By Alfred Gradenwitz

A Clock with a Single Wheel

By R. Newton

The Practical Work of the United States Bureau of Forestry

By Day Allen Willey

The United States Training Ship “Severn”

Some Phases of the Planets in 1908

By Frederic R. Honey

American Turbines for the Japanese Armored Cruiser “Ibuki”


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