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Peary's Quest of the North Pole

The First 25-Knot Liner

Test of Safety Devices by the Public Service Commission

The Scientific American Aeronautical Trophy

Aeronautics in War--A Reductio Ad Absurdum

The Present Position of the Darwinian Theory

The Current Supplement

A Novel Music Stand or Book Rest

By I. G. Bayley

A Machine for Handling Coke in the Yard

A Multiple Molding Machine

By James Cooke Mills

A New British Locomotive

By F. C. Coleman

A Selenium Photometer

The New French and German Airships “Republique” and “Zeppelin IV”

First Successful Flights of Bleriot's No. 8 Monoplane

The Winning Flight of the “June Bug” Aeroplane for the Scientific American Trophy

Hatching Snakes

Rope Bracket for Swing Seats

Home-Made Rotary Printing Press Built of Junk

By C. M. Foster

Patent Department - July 18, 1908


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    Correspondence - July 18, 1908

  • Recently Patented Inventions - July 18, 1908

  • Index of Inventions - July 18, 1908

  • Patents - July 18, 1908

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