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The Schenectady Car Fender Tests

The Enormous Loss by Forest Fires

Postal Tubes in the Subways

Nasmyth--The Centenary of a Great Inventor

Encouraging Decrease of Idle Cars

A Four-Track Freight Tunnel for Manhattan Island




Fall of the B. & O. Susquehanna Bridge

By William Allen

The Sun's Radiation and Its Study

By Herbert T. Wade

The Paper Industry as Related to Forests and Education

The Multiple Air Propeller. Its Aeronautic Possibilities for Dirigible Airships, Aeroplanes, and Helicopters

The Naval Stores Industry

By Day Allen Willey

The Evolution of the Dovetailed Box

By Charles Christadoro

How to Obtain Fresh Water from Sea Water

A Universal Joint of Simple Design

Cutting Wood with Paper


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October 10, 1908

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism