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Making Rocks and Minerals Artificially

Technical Heads for Technical City Departments




The Eclipse of the Sun and Lunar Appulse in December, 1908

By Frederic R. Honey

Launch of the “North Dakota”

How India is Fighting the Plague—the Manufacture and Use of Anti-Plague Vaccine

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Is Concrete Steel a Permanent Construction?

By J. A. Fitzpatrick

An Automobile Hoe

By Jacques Boyer

The Guiding Lights of Our Coasts

By C. H. Claudy

Folding Tree Stand

By A. V. Searing Jr.

Handyman's Workshop

Roller Mounting for the Christmas Tree

By George W. Naylor

To Prevent the Christmas Tree from Upsetting

By H. G. L

Copper-Plating Flowers and Other Perishable Articles

By W. J. C

Some Home-Made Christmas Presents

A Christmas Tree Garden

By L. Gessford Handy

Protection for Christmas Tree Candles

By G. H. Rutherford

Home-Made Metal Lamp Shade

By B. A. Johns

Ornamental Concrete Flower Pots and How to Make Them

By Ralph C. Davison

A Trick with Tourmaline

By Gustave Michaud

The Christmas Entertainment


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  • The Heavens in December

  • Recently Patented Inventions

  • Notes and Queries

  • New Books, Etc.

  • Index of Inventions

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