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A Cruiser without Funnels

Ventilation of Passenger Coaches

A Tribute to Roosevelt's Technical Judgement

A Successful Friction Clutch

Electricity - March 13, 1909

Science - March 13, 1909

Engineering - March 13, 1909

The Projector in Surgery

Gas-Driven Battleships and Cruisers

A Peculiar Optical Phenomenon

The Earthquake in Italy

The Airship of the Future

Stress in a Vacuum Balloon

Did the “Republic” Carry Searchlights?

Curiosities of Numbers

Aeronautical Notes


The M'Call's Ferry Hydro-Electric Power Plant

By William Allen

Test of the Bell Tetrahedral-Cell Aeroplane in Nova Scotia

A Wirelessly-Controlled Torpedo

A Cheaply-Constructed Fireless Cooker

By Edward Thorpe

Handy Man's Workshop

Furnishing the Workshop.--IV

By I. G. Bayley

An Electrical Fireless Cooker

By Frederick E. Ward

Construction of a Selenium Cell

By J. Carlton Paulmier

Unscrewing a Tight Jar Top

By A. R. Van Der Veer

Home-Made Brass Furnace

By Albert F. Bishop

Home-Made Blowpipe

By F. D. Sweet


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  • Patents - March 13, 1909

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March 13, 1909

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