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The Proposed New Waterway in Canada

A Word to Aeroplane Builders

Storage of Coal Under Water

Naval Programme for 1911



The Bursting of a Water Tank and Its Effect

Some New American Aeroplanes

A Novel French Aeroplane

The Speed of the “Mauretania”

Auroras: Some Recent Theories

Making the Eye of Science

By C. H. Claudy

Excavations at Jericho, Palestine

By Harold J. Shepstone

A Simple Method of Measuring the Speed of Photographic Shutters

Handy Man's Workshop

A Substitute for Tinfoil in Leyden Jars

By I. J. Kavanaugh

Ways to Brace Poles for Private Telephone Lines

By Thaleon Blake

Gage for Augers

By L. G. Handy

The Driving of a Nail

By W. D. Graves

Scroll-Saw Guide

By K. Parkhurst and W. Parkhurst


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June 05, 1909

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism