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An Antique Encyclopedia

Leffert Lefferts Buck

Grandeur of the Hudson-Fulton Naval Parade

Bleriot's Channel Flight




Orville Wright's Record Flights at Fort Myer

The First Successful Cross-Channel Flight

Electric Lamps in the Making

By Frederic Blount Warren

A Novel Type of Rotary Conveyer

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Electrochemical Amalgamation

The Terrestrial Origin of the Moon--A Protest

How Does a Bird Soar?

The Chronosphere—An Empire Clock

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Figurehead and Its Story

The Cement Work of the Mud Wasps

By S. F. Aaron

An Improvised Shoe Stretcher

By John K. Brachvogel

Tabouret Made From an Onion Crate

By William P. Goebel

Handy Man's Workshop

Folding Bracket for the Hand Glass

By A. R. Van Der Veer

Electric Coffee Pot

By Howard M. Nichols

A Tin Can Leader

By William C. M'kenzie

Substitute for Rod Threader

Simple Method of Pulling a Cork

Alarm for Batteries of Electric Gas Lighters

By L. G. Handy

Convenient Hanger for the Clothes Closet

By T. G. Hoster

Drop Light Made From an Oil Lamp

By B. A. Johns

Gas-Tube Support


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