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Wanted--A Reliable Aeroplane Motor

Medievalism in Modern Chemistry

Keeping Milk by Chilling It

A Sensible “Civil Calendar”




Asking the Tree to Speak

By Charles E. Cooke

Some Acoustic Experiments

By Gustave Michaud

Marvelous Paintings of Nature

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Halley's Comet

By Alexander W. Roberts

Bleriot's Channel Flight and other Records in France

The Wiesen Viaduct

Completion of the Government Contract by Orville Wright at Fort Myer

An American Forestry School

By Day Allen Willey

An Electromagnetic Drill

Handy Man's Workshop

Thawing Dynamite

To Support Shaft When Babbitting

By J. Edwin Kerr

Saw-Filing Clamp

By C. A. Pitkin

An Electrolytic Rectifier for Charging Ignition Batteries

By Frederick E. Ward


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August 14, 1909

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