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A Sanitary Drainage Canal for Buffalo

The First Voyage of the "Zeppelin III"

Why do Watch Mainsprings Break?

Lessons of the Rheims Aviation Contests



Powerful Hoisting and Conveying Machine

A New Speed Indicator for Marine Propellers

Hieroglyphs of the Heavens

By Esther Singleton

The Aviation Meeting at Rheims

Measuring a River's Flow

By S. Mays Ball

German Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Industry

Home-Made Chemical Perfume

By Gustave Michaud

Handy Man's Workshop

Home-Grown Calabash Gourds

By Charles A. Sidman

How to Make a Simple Dry Battery

By George F. Worts

Paper Hanger's Adjustable Templet

By I. G. Bayley

The Handy Man's Spark Plug

By R. W. Pearse

How to Make a Simple Electric Engine

By Robert H. Brockman


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