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The New British “Dreadnoughts” and “Inflexibles.”

Some Photochemical Reactions

A Talk with Wilbur Wright

The Spectrum of Mars




The First German Monoplane to Make Successful Flights

The Aviation Meet at Berlin and Latham's Flight Across the City

A Simplified Method of Teaching Experimental Physics

By Jacques Boyer

Saturn and His Rings

By Frederio R. Honey

The Height of Mount Rainier

The Scientific American at Jericho

Result of a Lightning Stroke

Aerial Warfare in 1798

“Inflexible” and “Connecticut” Compared

Why Not a Monument to Fitch?

The Number of Our Ancestors

The Highest Human Ascent

The Latest Submarines of the United Sates Navy

An All Seeing Eye for the Submarine

Col. John Jacob Astor's Novel Steamship Chair

Alternating Current Experiments

By Frederick E. Ward

Handy Man's Workshop

An Easily Constructed Equatorial Mount for Small Telescopes

By R. W. Wood

The Handy Man's Sub-Caliber Gun

By August Mencken

Restoring a Dry Cell

By Edward M. Hanson

Mending a Broken Metallic Filament

By Howard W. Nichols

A Device for Emptying a Tub

By C. W. Fairbank

A Simple Fruit Cellar

By F. A. Kaiser

Device for Removing Wood Screws

By James Paterson

How to Make a Paper Telescope Barrel

By C. R. M'gahey


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October 23, 1909

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