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The World's Fair of the Future, Gyroscopic Effect of Revolving Aeroplane Motors and more

Engineering, Electricity, Science

The "Viking"—Self-Dumping Deck Scow

By the English Correspondent of The Scientific American

Halley's Comet at its Brightest

By Henry Norris Russell

The Mercury Vapor Lamp and its Effect on the Eye, The Current Supplement and more

Effect of Rainfall on the Cotton Industry

Government Irrigation in the Yakima Watershed--The Tieton Canyon Canal

By Day Allen Willey

How Gamblers Cheat

By Hereward Carrington

Macrographic Examination of Metals, Big Fir Trees of the Northwest

The Transformation of Sea Water into Fresh Water

How to Repair and Clean Typewriters

By Louis A. Flemming

A “Spanish Windlass”

By George H. M'entire

How to Cut Threads Without a Screw-Cutting Lathe or Thread-Chasing Tool

By John Bergstrom

Grooved Pulleys for Experimental Work

By Chauncey W. Nieman

How to Sharpen a Pipe Die

By Alfred F. Bishop

Simple Methods of Finding the Center of a Circle

By August Mencken

Handy Man's Workshop

A Tool for Centering Work in a Lathe

By H. D. Chapman

Files and Their Uses

By Homer Cloukey

An Illuminated Gas Heater

By F. G. Williams

The Weighting of Tool Handles

By A. J. Jarman

How Railway Traffic is Managed

By C. C. Rice

Estimation of the Working Capacity of a Man Before and After an Accident


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