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Why not a Good Roads Laboratory, Rational Street Lighting, A Battleship Fleet in Each Ocean

Engineering, Electricity, Science- April 30, 1910

A Railway School for Farmers

By H. A. Crafts

A Reaper Boat

The Elevator Installation of the Metropolitan Life Tower, An Ingenious Way of Examining the Contents of the Duodenum

By Herbert T. Wade

Halley's Comet.--A Model of its Orbit

By James K. Lynch

The Motor-Boat Races at Monaco

The Manufacture of Celluloid

By Jacques Boyer

Telescope Lenses and How to Test Them

By S. A. Mitchell

Some Extraordinary Densities

By Gustave Michaud

Making Milk Artificially

By A. J. Jarman

A Small Electric Furnace

By A. E. Parkins


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    Correspondence- April 30, 1910

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    New Books, Etc.- April 30, 1910

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    Recently Patented Inventions- April 30, 1910

  • Index of Inventions- April 30, 1910

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