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The Extinction of Our Merchant Marine, Superheating vs. Compounding, and more

Science- August 6, 1910

Electricity- August 6, 1910

Aeronautics- August 6, 1910

A Röntgen-Ray Cabinet

By Francois Richard

Marine Propulsion with Turbo-Transformers

By Walter Langford

A Universal Differential Pressure Chamber

By John B. Huber

The Mechanical Side of Coney Island--Where the Imaginative Inventor Holds Sway

A Submarine Military Tunnel

By Arthur H. J. Keane

The New Phetographic Apparatus of the Paris School of Mines

By Jacques Boyer

Magic for Amateurs--V

Card and Coin Tricks

By W. H. Radcliffe

The Dufestel Thoracograph

By Charles Perrin

An Emergency Pressure Pump, Lining up a Punch and Die

By E. R. Taber

Improved Method of Cutting Keyways

By J. B. Allen

Improved Corner Wrench, Laying Out a Curved Walk

By D. Pennington

Method of Grinding Planer Knives

By C. M. Eveleth

Improved Mortising Chisel

By George A. Page

How to Make a Serviceable Gear-Wheel, Chambering Out a Hole

By John A. Bergstrom

How to Cut a Curve on a Planer

By H. D. Chapman

Hastily-Made Fruit Picker

By Thaleon Blake

Cure for Sagging Screen Doors

By Robert H. Brockman

Quick Method of Riveting Rouge Work

By A. F. Bishop


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    Correspondence- August 6, 1910

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    New Books, Etc.- August 6, 1910

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    Recently Patented Inventions- August 6, 1910

  • Notes and Queries- August 6, 1910

  • Index of Inventions- August 6, 1910

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August 06, 1910

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism