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The Airman and the Bird, Advent of the Oil-Engine-Driven Ocean Steamship, and more

Aeronautics- August 27, 1910

Engineering- August 27, 1910

Science- August 27, 1910

The Effect of Tarred Roads upon Trees and Shrubs

By Fernand Honoré

A Huge Propeller Testing-Plant

Whirling Table Experiments for the New British Dirigible

Comparison of the Argentine Battleship "Rivadavia" with the "Wyoming"

Ton for Ton, the 27,243-Ton "Wyoming" is the Equal of the 30,200-TON "Rivadavia"

Economic Value of Wild Birds

By H. A. Crafts

New and Simplified Physical Apparatus

By Jacques Boyer

Magic for Amateurs—VII

Card Tricks Requiring Simple Apparatus

By W. H. Radcliffe

Home-Built Apparatus for Making Photo-Micrographs

By T. J. Moon

A Simple Wireless Telephone

By Alan S. Dana

A Touch-Me-Not Trick

By Gustave Michaud

Coating Metals and Alloys by Immersion, A Soap Bubble Celebration, and more

By A. J. Jarman

Simple Laboratory Thermostat

By George A. James

Cross-Country Aeroplane Races in France and England

Berlin's New Postal Subway, Who Invented the Word Blizzard?


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