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Conservative Conservation, Grade Crossings Should be Automatically Guarded, and more

Engineering- September 17, 1910

Aeronautics- September 17, 1910

Science- September 17, 1910

Foucault's Pendulum Electrically Propelled

By Charles Forbes

Game Farming

By John L. Cowan

How the Government Fights Forest Fires

By Charles A Sidman

Rules Governing the Competition for the $15,000 Flying Machine Prize Offered

By Edwin Gould

The Harvard Aviation Meeting

A Record Day by Day

Magic for Amateurs--X

Miscellaneous Tricks

By W. H. Radcliffe

Investigating the Sleeping Sickness of Uganda

By The English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Drop Hammer for Small Shops, A Wiggler or Telltale for Centering Work

By J. A. Bergstrom

Reloading Tools and Bullet Molds

By August Mencken

Hack-Saw Attachment for Lathes

By H. D. Chapman

Serviceable Screw-Thread Corrector

By H. H. F. Clarke

Simple Motor-Cycle Stand

By Robert H. Brockman

As to Boring Holes in Wood

By W. D. Graves

Scroll Saw Hints

Making Parallel Cuts

By K. Pabkhubst and W. Pabkhubst


  • Letters

    Correspendence- September 17, 1910

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc.- September 17, 1910

  • Departments

    Recently Patented Inventions- September 17, 1910

  • Notes and Queries- September 17, 1910

  • Index of Inventions- September 17, 1910

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