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Naval Reorganization and the Coming Congress, The Aeroplane for Commercial Use, and more

Aeronautics- November 19, 1910

Science- November 19, 1910

Electricity- November 19, 1910

Parachute Clothes for Aviators, New Processes in the Manufacture of Superphosphates, and more

A Mechanical Water Recorder

An Instrument That Measures The Amount Of Water Flowing Over A Weir

"Stellite," a New Alloy

By Elwood Haynes

Rules Governing the Competition for the $15,000 Flying Machine Prize Offered by Mr. Edwin Gould

What are Sun-Spots?

Illustrated With Photographs From The Yerkes Observatory

By Herbert T. Wade

The New Dosne Heliograph

By Jacques Boyer

Automobile Ice-Sled

By Frederick K. Lord

Ingenious Tube Expander

By W. J. C.

Cutting a Worm Wheel with a Tap

By J. A. Berstrom

Water-Jet Pump for Home Use, Method of Duplicating a Tapered Spindle, and more

By H. B. Dailey

How to Line up the Centers in a Lathe

By H. D. Chapman


  • Letters

    Correspondence- November 19, 1910

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc.- November 19, 1910

  • Departments

    Index of Inventions- November 19, 1910

  • Recently Patented Inventions- November 19, 1910

  • Notes and Queries- November 19, 1910

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