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Sex and Scientific Recognition, Indorsement of the Reclamation Service, The Selden Patent

A System of Multiplex Telephony and Telegraphy

Major George Owen Squier's Gift to the Public

The Man-Machine

The Remarkable Perfection of the Human System as a Mechanism

By John B. Huber

Transporting Living Animals with the Aid of Oxygen

Specimens Shipped from New York to Germany

By Raymond C. Osburn

The Brucker Transatlantic Airship Expedition

By Carl Dienstbach

Our Smokeless Cannon Powder the Best

By Hudson Maxim

Abstracts from Current Scientific Periodicals- January 21, 1911

The Commercial Utilization of Solar Radiation and Wind Power

The Real Cause of Hoxsey's Death, Automobiles for Transporting Airship Guns

Interesting Speculations Advancing a New Theory

Draining the Everglades

By Day Allen Willey

A Self-cooled Spark Gap

By George F. White

A Unique Wind Vane and Electric Indicator

By Frank C. Perkins

The Liquefaction of Nitric Oxide

By Robert H. Bowen

A Freak Barometer

By Albert Alexander Somerville

A Mirror Illusion

By Gustave Michaud

Women and Scientific Research, Sea Water a Liquid Food, The Speaking Clock

Electricity, Engineering- January 21, 1911

Aeronautics, Science- January 21, 1911


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    Recently Patented Inventions- January 21, 1911

  • Notes and Queries- January 21, 1911

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