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Our Decadent Merchant Marine, The Importance of a Wood Collection in the National Museum, and more

Professor Gisbert Kapp

A Distinguished Electrical Engineer

By P. F. Mottelay

Curtiss's Single Hydroplane Float for Aeroplanes

By John Fulton Greer

New Things in Aeronautics

Height Recorder for Balloonists: Curtiss's New Flying Boat

Labor Saving by Automobile Power

Gasoline vs. Perspiration

By Walter Langford

Observations Among the Workshops of Europe--I

Practical Hints for the Extension of Our Machinery Trade

By G. L. Carden

The Pan-American Commercial Congress, A Menace to the Alfalfa Crop, and more

Uncovering the "Maine"

Fighting Death in Mines

How Science is Educating the Miner

By M. Hamilton Talbot

Science in the Current Periodicals - February 25, 1911

In this Department the Reader will find Brief Abstracts of Interesting Articles Appearing In Contemporary Periodicals at Home and Abroad

Construction of a Four-and-a-Half-Inch Reflector

By Albert R. J. F. Hassard

Liquefaction of Nitric Oxide

A Home-made Portrait Attachment for a Camera of Fixed Focus

By Albert S. Getten

Graphic Demonstration of Cometary Orbits

By B. C. Batcheller

A Modified Form of the Opeidoscope

By C. S. Bourne

An Easily Made Leyden Jar Charger, How Clouds Get Their Fringes, and more

By H. B. Dailey

Curiosities of Science and Invention- February 25, 1911

The Inventor's Department- February 25, 1911

Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

Fuel from Nile Sudd

By Our London Correspondent


  • Letters

    Correspondence- February 25, 1911

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc.- February 25, 1911

  • Departments

    Recently Patented Inventions- February 25, 1911

  • Notes and Queries- February 25, 1911

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