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Sport for Sport's Sake, Fire Drills in Factories and more

Nocturnal Warfare

An Automobile-mounted Searchlight for the French Army

By Frank C. Perkins

Presentation of the Scientific American Trophy

Speeches at the Aero Club of America's Banquet and Description of Curtiss's Work in Aviation

Old Coins and Ancient Bankers

The Origin of Our Modern Methods of Commerce

By Walter H. Woodward

The Le Verrier Centenary, The Current Supplement and more

What do you Think of the Scientific American?

Some Answers to a Question which We Put to Our Readers a Few Weeks Ago

Monsters of Bygone Ages

Some Remarkable Restorations of Extinct Animals

By Harold J. Shepstone

Science in the Current Periodicals - April 8, 1911

In this Department the Reader will find Brief Abstracts of Interesting Articles Appearing in Contemporary Periodicals at Home and Abroad

"Aki," the First Japanese Dreadnought

Turbine Engines Drive the Ship at 20.2 Knots

A Combined Battery and Motor

By Chauncey W. Nieman

How do you Like the Home Laboratory?

Projectile Photography

By Norman Barden

Improvised Stereoscopic Camera, Silvering Reflectors and more

By John E. Mellish

Neat Method of Testing Shutter-speeds

By H. H. F. Clarke

The Inventor's Department - April 8, 1911

Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

By James J. Newton

Public Roads, Irrigation Investigations


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    New Books, Etc. - April 8, 1911

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    Recently Patented Inventions - April 8, 1911

  • Notes and Queries - April 8, 1911

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