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The Rewards and Penalties of Polar Exploration, Multiple Engines for Passenger-carrying Aeroplanes and more

G. Stanley Hall

An American Leader in the Science of Human Nature and Its Education

By Edward L. Thorndike

Drawing Maps from Nature

The plane-Table and its use

By C. H. Claudy

The Total Solar Eclipse of 1911

The Moon's Shadow Traces a Course from Australia to Central America

By Frederic R. Honey

Battleship versus Destroyer

The Struggle Between the Big Gun and the High-speed Torpedo

The Gordon Bennett International Aviation Trophy

By Earle L. Ovington

A New Aeroplane Passenger-carrying Record

Louis Breguet's Feat of Transporting 11 People 3 Miles Across Country. Description of the Machine

How to Rebore a Crank-pin Hole in a Locomotive Driving-wheel

By H. D. C

An Adjustable Rose Reamer

By C. S. Bourne

A Novel Pipe Wrench

By O. Ruehmer

Removing a Broken Handle from an Ax Head

By W. D. Graves

Light Fixture for a Shipping Room

By Albert Mayoh

Removing Old Boiler Tubes, A Handy Drill Socket and more

By A. F. Bishop

Direct-Indirect Lighting Fixtures, Fan on Grinder Spindle and more

By A. R. Van der Veer

The Inventor's Department - April 22, 1911

Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

Lakes Tipped by Winds, Aeronautics


  • Science in the Current Periodicals

  • Letters

    Correspondence - April 22, 1911

  • Recommended

    New Books, Etc. - April 22, 1911

  • Departments

    Recently Patented Inventions - April 22, 1911

  • Notes and Queries - April 22, 1911

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April 22, 1911

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