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The Utility of Beauty, A New Danger for the Airman and more

Cross-Country Aeroplane Races in Europe

Further Particulars Regarding Recent Record-Breaking Flights

One Hundred and Forty-four Postal Cards per Second

A New Machine for the Public Printer

By Thomas D. Gannaway

Table of American Aeronautic Motors

Complete Specifications of the Motors of Thirty-four Manufacturers

By E. L. Jones and S. Y. Beach

Campaniles, Medieval and Modern

The Bankers' Trust Building-Successful Solution of a Difficult Architectural Problem

The New White Star Liner "Olympic"

A Ship 882 Feet Long, That Weighs When Fully Loaded 66,000 Tons

Curiosities of Science and Invention - July 1, 1911

Automobile Bridges in California

The Inventor's Department - July 1, 1911

Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

How I Invented the Air Brake--III

By George Westinghouse

Lithopone and its Manufacture, Aviation Sickness and more

By S. Bose


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    New Books, Etc. - July 1, 1911

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    The Heavens in July 1911

  • Recently Patented Inventions - July 1, 1911

  • Notes and Queries - July 1, 1911

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