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The Conservation of the Forests

A National Duty to Protect the 80 Per Cent of Standing Timber Now in Private Hands

By Gifford Pinchot

The Use and the Waste of Our Coal Supply

At the Present Rate Coal may be Exhausted while the Nation Is Yet Young

By Joseph A. Holmes

The Versatile Motor Truck

Designs and what They Accomplish in the Economical Handling of Material

By Harry W. Perry

Conservation of Oil and Natural Gas

Economies in Field, Factory and Home

By David T.

Reclamation and Home-making

I. Review of General Conditions in the Reclamation Service

By F. H. Newell

II.-The Engineering Work of the Reclamation Service

By A. P. Davis

III. -Summary of the Reclamation Projects

The Conservation of Fishery Resources

How Legislation May Prevent Ruthless Waste

By Hugh M. Smith

The Inventor's Department- August 12, 1911

Simple Patent Law; Patent Office News; Inventions New and Interesting

By William N. Taft

The “Talking” Picture and the Drama

By Robert Grau

Brooks Comet of 1911, Motor Omnibuses in War, and more


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    New Books, Etc.- August 12, 1911

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    Notes and Queries- August 12, 1911

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