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How Electricity is Aiding the Chemist

Some Principles Underlying the Application of Electricity to Chemistry

By William H. Walker

The Coming International Congress of Applied Chemistry, Dr. Albrecht Kossel, and more

Artificial Rubber

Another of Natures Laboratory Secrets Unmasked

By Ira Remsen

Arrangement of Laboratory Supplies

By William P. Munger

Testing Before Buying

The Economics and Aesthetics of Materials

By Charles F. McKenna


Its Mystery and Its Significance for Life and Industry

By Alfred J. Lotka

The Industrial Chemist

What Opportunities for Achievement are Offered Him

By Robert Kennedy Duncan

Psychology and Advertising

The Scientific Appeal to Human Nature

By Edward L. Thorndike

The Technically Trained Foreman

Educating Men to Co-operate with Expert Chemists

By Allen Rogers

The International Motor Boat Race of 1911

America Retains, the Harmsworth Cup

Curiosities of Science and Invention- September 16, 1911

Inventing for the Public

Government Inventors Who Have Given Their Patents Away

By William Atherton Du Puy

The Inventor's Department- September 16, 1911

Simple Patent Law Patent Office News Inventions New and Interesting

An American Rotating Aviation Motor, Moving Pictures of the Coronation


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    Notes and Queries- September 16, 1911

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