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The “Sky-Line Drive”

A Road Along the Crest of a Limestone Ridge

By J. Mayne Baltimore

The Navy and the Inventor, Patent Property. What it Is, Its Protection, and more

Edison's Impressions of European Industries

Needed Reforms in Patent Procedure

By Melville Church

The French Competition for Military Aeroplanes

Some of the Leading Machines and Tests They Successfully Fulfilled

The Industrial Corporation and the Inventor

The First Trans-Continental Aeroplane Flight

Account of the Record-breaking Aerial Journey by Calbraith P. Rodgers on a Wright Biplane

Big Fortunes in Little Inventions

Men Who Saw the Importance of the Apparently Unimportant

By William Atherton Du Puy

Edison's Pioneer Electric Railway Work

By T. Commerford martin

Perpetual Motion

Some Examples of Misguided Ingenuity

Spike Driving by Motor Truck

Protecting the Public from Railway Accidents

Welding a Fourteen-inch Shaft by the Thermite Process

A Fine Example of the Adaptability of Dr. Goldschmidt's Method

Curiosities of Science and Invention- November 18, 1911

The Funny Side of Invention

“Patentable Utility” as Illustrated in Some Issued Patents

By Laurence J. Gallagher

Award of the Nobel Prize to Madame Curie


  • Letters

    Correspondence- November 18, 1911

  • Departments

    Recently Patented Inventions- November 18, 1911

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