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Lessons of the Equitable Building Fire, The New York Automobile Shows and more

Frost Flowers and Snow Crystals

How Water Vapor is Turned into Fantastic Shapes

By John Swaffham

An Amazing Tale of the Sea

How a Destroyer Lost Forty Feet of Her Stern off Cape Hatteras

Training Captain of Industry in Germany-II

High Schools in Which the Science of Business is Taught

By Waldemar Kaempffert

The Third Aviation Salon at Paris

Interesting Aeroplanes and Their Constructional Details

By Stanley Yale Beach

The Kinemacolor Process

Moving Pictures With the Natural Color Reproduced Photographically

To Keep a Tank from Bursting in Freezing Weather

By Lloyd V. Beets

Suggestions for the Workshop

Ingenious Expedients of Resourceful Mechanics

By William Grotzinger

A Home-made Surface Gage

By Albert F. Bishop

Holding a Screw by the Hand

By George W. Colles

Testing the Hardness of Metals

By B. F. Dashiell

Adjustable Spanner Wrench

By Israel R. Hicks

Tribute from a Leading London Daily, How Far May Thunder be Heard and more


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